Philippine Travel Mart 2009 Grand Vacation Sale ng Bayan

Its another time of the year where Travel and Tourism related establishments and businesses will gather for a huge Travel and vacation sale. The 20th Philippine Travel Mart’s highlight is the Grand Vacation Sale Ng Bayan which will focus on offering attractive discounts and special offers to consumers during the 3-day travel and tourism event.

Reservations for travel and tour, hotel, transport (sea and air) can be purchased at lower rates and should be availed of or completed on or before November 15, 2009.

20th Philippine travel mart 2009
Grand Vacation Sale ng Bayan

To make Philippine Travel Mart 2009 much more compelling as a must-visit fair, attractive to the consuming public because of a major sale program(special deals and discounts) and thereby, generate optimum volume of visitors to the fair resulting in significant promotional returns and sales revenues to participating exhibitors.

To establish PTM as the major annual event when the whole tourism industry is unified in making domestic tourism much more affordable through its Sale ng Bayan program.

To provide participating Hotels, Resorts, Tour Operators, Airlines and other tourist-related establishments a venue where they can effectively promote their products and services to a mass volume of customers at the same time generate income due to this volume during the 3-day event.

To have a common ready material or product that will also promote the different destinations in the country as one major industry.

The top performing companies, provinces, or regions of Grand Vacation Sale ng Bayan will be given awards during the Closing Ceremonies of the 20th PTM.
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