2009 Kaogma Festival Canon Photo Contest

Are you an Amateur / Professional Photographer who wants to showcase your photography skills? Check out the details below :

Anyone wishing to test their skills in photography or would simply just want to win some prizes from Canon can join the Canon Photo Contest.

With just one click and your photo can be the next masterpiece published in Magazines! Take this opportunity and you might just win a Canon Digital Camera.

Registration will be on the day of the Opening Ceremony, May 23, 2009 at the Canon Booth near the convention center at the Kaogma Festival grounds. This will run through the entire duration of the Kaogma Festival.

Free pictures are available to be taken in the Canon Photo Wall inside CWC. And for all you Canon users, there are FREE Canon DSLR Clean-up near the Photo Wall inside CWC as well. Don’t miss out! the Fun has just begun!

NEEDING A TAN or SUNSCREEN? Don’t worry we got you covered! BANANA BOAT has all that you need to enjoy everything under the sun this summer! Catch them near the CWC pool area where they can treat your skin with the best shield against UV rays. Now you can have FUN under the sun wherever and whenever @ CWC.

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